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Committee meetings

At Marpool we have a Full Governor meeting at the start of the year and every half term as well as three committee meeting every half term.  Each individual governor is a member of the full governing board as well as a committee which is a more focused sub-committee for a particular area.

Detailed below are the dates of each meeting for the school year, together with the impact each meeting has had.


If you would like to see the detailed minutes of meetings, please email [email protected] or pop in and see us.

17th September 2019





24th September 2019





1st October 2019







15th October 2019













12th November 2019






19th November 2019







3rd December 2019












15th January 2020






21st January 2020






11th February 2020











3rd March 2020






10th March 2020


































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Full Governors

Governors have been appointed to some of the key roles and admin completed for the new school year. An update was given on the resource base.



Premises and Equipment

We have taken stock of where we are as a school at the start of the new academic year and discussed some improvements. The resource base project continues to move forward.



Teaching and Learning

It was a positive meeting. A new chair and vice chair were elected. The committee reviewed the KS2 data and were happy with the outcomes. There are currently no concerns. An update on the planned new build was given. Plans were made for the year for the committee including the new member.



Personnel & Finance

The committee fully discussed all areas and updated on budget and personnel issues. The meeting was positive with news that money is coming back into our budget. Marpool are flexible and supportive to staff, meeting their needs as requested to show that they are valued members of the team.



Full Governors

The aims and objectives were discussed and additions made. The data is positive and explained to the governing body by the experienced data governor. The governor were satisfied that everything seems clear and established with focussed committees.



Premises and Equipment

We discussed at some length the issues concerning parking and some possible solutions to the problem. We welcomed James as a new member. Also discussed was the general maintenance and running of the school in particular with the new build and opening of the bike shed.



Teaching and Learning

We have welcomed our new committee member who has asked lots of questions and given an update from the induction training. An effective safeguarding situation experienced by a governor was explained. The learning walk has been planned and all governors have an insight into the Ofsted framework.



Personnel & Finance

Finance and personnel were fully scrutinised. An update was given on the personnel requirements for January 2020.



Full Governors

- The meeting discussed in depth the parking solutions.

- Marpool now have a full committee with a broad range of skills and backgrounds.

- There is clarity of what each committee is responsible for and actions have been given accordingly.



Premises and Equipment

The ongoing parking issues were discussed. The recent security incident was discussed and a plan of action developed. The risk assessment and business continuity plans were reviewed with the aim of maintaining the school for children, staff and parents.



Teaching and Learning

Flexi schooling was considered and the outcome will be taken to the full governors meeting. The reviewed policy will be amended. The learning walk was discussed and a standardised learning walk pro-forma is available for use. A new Pupil Premium governor was elected.



Personnel and Finance

The school is running a 3-year positive budget. The governors have challenged the head on current structures and the quality of personnel.



Full Governors

One parking area has been resolved; another area is now being focused on for the next phase. The overall school security was discussed and the implementation of extra gates to improve security. The meeting was very positive and heartening and will aim to fill the vacancies by Easter.



Premises and Equipment

The governors looked at a brief overview of the walk and how it impacts the school. The potential exciting new build was discussed. There was thorough safeguarding around the lock down procedure.



Teaching and Learning

A decision was made on flexi schooling which will be fed back to the full board. SEN will be explored thoroughly. The committee are thinking in more depth about a number of areas and challenges.