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Closure Updates

12th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


After the recent government announcement and the email I sent yesterday the DfE have provided schools with further guidance regarding the re-opening to more pupils as soon as June 1st. With this guidance comes a lot of careful planning and restructuring of the day to day running and systems in school which will need to take place before the school would be ready to welcome additional pupils.  As all of this guidance is conditional, any changes in the current situation regarding Covid19 may affect the decision to open schools or not.  


Information for parents can be found here.



We will continue to work together as a staff and community to prepare for a possible opening of the school to more pupils. I will endeavour to keep you all informed as things progress.


Mrs Pattison

16th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear all,


Following on from last nights email, please find attached Marpool's response to the planned re-opening of schools. We have created this document so you as parents can see our plan. Many of you may be expecting to be able to send your children to school. Our view is that this is highly unlikely unless your children fall in to one of two categories; children of Key workers and or vulnerable.


After you have time to read and digest our plan we will ask you to request a place at the Emergency Care Club using the online booking system. More details will follow next week.


As a school we will do our utmost to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children to return to. We are starting with the first groups as recommended by the DfE which are the ‘Key worker’ children and vulnerable pupils. As our school has a high % of these groups it is a challenge to follow the 1:15 class size. This means it is highly unlikely that other intended year groups (FSU, Y1 and Y6) will be able to return to school in the short term.

With thanks,


Mrs Pattison

15th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear all,


I hope you and your families are well. Please find attached a letter which explains what is happening in schools here in Devon at present. Here, at Marpool already we have a large number of pupils accessing the school provision. In total, we have had 74 pupils spending a varying number of days with us since the outbreak of Covid19. The children have been either, those considered vulnerable or children of Key Workers. Within this large number, not all eligible children have decided to attend. We feel that is only right that we offer these places as a priority. It is highly likely that if these groups of children choose to attend, we will be at capacity in accordance with current guidelines and therefore unable to offer any further places from the Government’s selected year groups of FSU, Year 1 and 6.


I will send further details over the weekend.


With thanks


Mrs Pattison

Click here to see our plan Click here to see the letter

18th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear all,


I hope you have had a chance to read the document which talks about how we propose to open to more pupils. Please may I ask that if you are a Key Worker and or your child is vulnerable and intend to take up a place at school that you log on our online system and book the days you will require for the next month. If you would like school to book your places please email [email protected]


To ensure we have places it is better to book the required space as you will be able to cancel a place but a later request may result in there being no space available.


The Government key worker list has not changed and requires only 1 Key Worker in a family. You will need to provide a letter from your employer to access this care.


A 'vulnerable' child is a child on our SEND school list or a child open to social care. If you are unsure please give us a ring at school.


A survey will arrive by the end of the week for those of you who have children in Nursery, Reception Years 1 and 6. This survey will be asking if you would intend to take a place should one become available.


With thanks,


Mrs Pattison

19th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear all,


This just a reminder before half term creeps up on us all, to ask you to complete the online booking for emergency care. If you are unsure, remember to phone school or email [email protected]


You will have received a survey asking about plans for next stage of wider opening - this will help us plan, so please complete it for each child at school.


Finally with as much notice as we can give, I would like to remind you that Monday June 1st is a non-pupil day. The school will be closed to ALL children (including key workers) to  facilitate final preparations with all staff on site.




Mrs Pattison

28th May 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear parents / carers,


As I am sure you have heard at this afternoons briefing, schools are on schedule to re-open for more pupils. We are initially opening to an increased number of vulnerable and key worker children only. This takes our numbers from approximately 50 every day to 100 a day. We will continually increase as you as parents book places for children that fall into these categories. Please remember to book your place on SchoolMoney as we cannot go over 15 in any classes. We will spend the first few days ensuring the school can run safely with this increased number of children. We will then be in contact with those of you who registered an interest in a place at school (from the Survey Monkey questions).


Children should arrive at school, in their uniform (trainers/sensible sports shoes is acceptable), at the designated arrival time which will reduce footfall at any one time. If you have more than one child, please arrive and collect at the earliest designated time. Those parents requiring wraparound care (ie. breakfast or after school club) must book on accordingly and arrive via the office at the appropriate time. This could be 7.30am or 8.00am. We are encouraging those key worker children to arrive and leave in line with the class times, however, if shift make this difficult, children should arrive via the office. Whilst they are in school, children will be in their regular class base and in most situations, with their usual teacher.


We encourage you to take a school dinner with us and book in the usual way. If bringing a packed lunch, please use a carrier bag that will be thrown away after lunch.


Attached is a poster reminding you of all the do's and don'ts.


Also attached is a map of the school showing the new one way system, including entry points for your children at the start of the day.


We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 as on the Monday we will be having staff training which will be allocated to ensuring safe opening of the school to a larger number of children. We are lucky to have a number of pupils who are used to these new ways and will be able to show others the ropes.


Thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Pattison

Entrance and Exit Plans Do's and Don't's reminder

18th June 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear parents / carers,

Please find attached an open letter from Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning at Devon County Council.


Letter from Dawn Stabb

15th July 2020 - Email to parents and carers


Dear parents / carers,


Wow! We find ourselves at the end of  this very strange but long end to the school year! This will certainly not one we will forget in a hurry.


Please find attached the plan for the September return to school should everything remain as we are now with regard to Covid19. This guidance outlines the 'Bubble' model we have been using very successfully throughout lock down. This plan takes in to account the increased numbers of pupils we are expecting to attend and shows how we plan to operate. All children will need to adhere to the attached school risk assessment which has been drawn up to keep staff and pupils safe. Where children are unable to fully follow this guidance we may not be able to have them in attendance at school. If you feel your child is unable follow this guidance, please contact me. We are aware that we may need to make some adjustments at the very start of term for some of our children.


All of this information will be updated on  the school website, so you can refer to it, if you need to over the break.


Don't forget... this is the last week of term - school will close on Friday to all pupils! Holiday club is running for the month of August and able to book via school money as usual.


Remember staggered starts will continue in September - make sure you know which class arrives when! School shoes will need to be suitable for increased outside time, trainers ARE acceptable.


All that is left to say is please have a safe and happy summer holiday and look out for your child's school report tomorrow!


Best wishes


Mrs Pattison

Parent Handbook Risk Assessment Entrance and Exit Plans