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Each base has a reading corner, where children are encouraged to relax and read, whether it be one of their reading books, a topic book or a book from the reading corner.


Children across the school are read stories during carpet time, have daily allocated time to read by themselves  and have a weekly small group 'guided reading' session.  We also have a Reading Carousel every Friday.  During this time teachers or groups of children visit a different base and share their favourite stories.


From Reception onwards, children take reading books and reading records home. Reading is so beneficial to the learning journey that we expect that all children will read at least three times a week at home with a grown-up. As the children progress through school, they start taking home Accelerated Reader books.

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Foundation Stage reading corner


We are proud to be an award winning Reading Recovery school.  Marpool has been awarded Reading Recovery School of the Year, Teacher of the Year and Leader of the Year. Mrs Pattison is committed to all children being the best readers that they can be.


Reading Recovery interventions are led by a highly trained teacher. Following teacher assessment and observation, children are put forward for the daily sessions to accelerate progress.  The daily one-to-one sessions last 30 minutes and allow the child to work at their own pace. They make rapid progress in 12-20 weeks.


We also offer Wave 3 interventions for children identified by the team. This entails daily one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes, giving children the opportunity to catch up with their peers.  These daily sessions take between 8 - 12 weeks.


Specialist Reading Support

Fostering a love for reading ...


Accelerated Reader (or AR for short), is the reading programme that children from Year 2 upwards use.


Children borrow a book from the school library within their reading range which is a number band.  Once they have read the book, they then complete a short online quiz. At the end of the quiz, they  get a percentage score and can see how many points they have gained towards their target.  Each book is worth a number of points. Each child has a target score to reach by the end of each term. This is displayed in every class on a class sunflower chart.


















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Our school library

We love reading at Marpool!  We are lucky to have a vast range of books in our library, overseen by our experienced librarian. Children are encouraged to develop responsibility in caring for our library. You can regularly find our junior librarians sorting and tidying the book shelves ready for the next visit. If your child loves books, find Mrs Sharkey and encourage them to get involved!


We have a wide range of reading materials including class newspapers and magazines (thank you MSA) and up to date newly released texts.


All children are issued with a library card and code on starting full time school. They are able to use this to choose a book for pleasure alongside their individual reading book.

Books form an integral part of our practice. Teachers request linked books to compliment the learning focus in each class.  





Reading in class

Reading at home

From Reception onwards, children take reading books and reading records home. We expect that all children to read at least three times a week at home. Parents are asked to record this in their reading record.

Becoming a 'reader'

When your child starts school they begin to learn about letters, sounds and words. Alongside of this, they will begin to bring home their own reading book which we encourage you to read three times during the week before you return it.

As the children gain confidence, skills and vocabulary they begin to read more fluently. They will work through a series of coloured book bands. The books contain important pointers that will help you with the reading at home.

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