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Pupil Outcomes- learning and achievement


ofsted says

Progress  is   now  quicker  

than  expected  for  all  groups  of  pupils...

The  school   supplements  the  good  teaching  with  a  

range  of  carefully  targeted  and  effective  interventions  to   support  pupils  who  may  be  at  risk  of  falling  behind... Nursery  and  Reception  children  are  taught  in  a  stimulating  and  caring  environment   where  they  make  swift  progress.  The  progress  

of  some  children,  from  very  low  levels  of  both  

personal  development  and  literacy  

skills,  is  remarkable.      

It is our aim to provide for all our pupils a high quality education leading to achievement and success across the full primary curriculum and to develop in all children personal qualities and standards to enrich their later lives. We expect our work to create an effective partnership between home, school and the wider community; a relationship that has the needs of the child at its heart. To achieve the best for all our pupils, we have developed at Marpool a stimulating, secure and caring environment where we give high value to the good things that happen both in and beyond the school.

At Marpool we seek to share skills, knowledge and experience in an atmosphere of trust and understanding. Your involvement in school life is expected and welcomed. It is important to us that everyone is able to make a full contribution to both individual and school development and in doing so enjoy being part of our community.


To ensure that everyone’s efforts are appreciated and fully productive we maintain good order based on a clear sense of purpose, shared values and respect for others. Appropriate and acceptable behaviour throughout the school is founded on good relationships that develop self-discipline and foster high self-esteem and awareness of the needs    

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Pupils in both

Year 1 and Year 2 make rapid progress in

all subjects. Children in the Early Years Foundation

Stage are presented with a range of challenges to reinforce

the good teaching of sounds and letters. This high level of

challenge extends to teaching in Key Stage 1 where progress in reading has accelerated significantly. In Key Stage 2 Teaching is now much stronger and pupils are making quicker than expected progress in all years. This good progress is also apparent in pupils’ work. For example, pupils’ work in Year 6 shows that they are on course

to reach at least the expected levels in both

English and mathematics.

of others. If behaviour problems arise with a pupil, we will work with parents and act appropriately to improve the situation and to safeguard the rights of others. Disruptive, unsocial or other forms of unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Pupil and parent forums provide opportunities for both the children and adults to review and inform the work and development of our school.



Our school is situated on an extensive and attractive site that offers exceptional educational opportunities. The school grounds provide hard surface play areas, playing fields and well equipped recreation/play spaces. There are many different habitats including ponds, wetlands, wooded areas and meadowland. Our school grounds provide a resource that is used to promote quality in all areas of our work, the grounds combined with qualified staff enables us to provide children in our community with a wonderful 'Forest School' experience.

Extra curricular activities are organised depending on time, expertise and the help available. Usually, opportunities exist for pupils to participate in sport, the arts and interest areas such as computers and literature. There is also a strong tradition for music concerts and shows, with children receiving specialist music teaching on a weekly basis.




To underpin our exciting curriculum, we use the Accelerated Reader system, Rising Stars Maths scheme, Letters and Sounds Phonics program and the Penpals Handwriting Scheme.

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Home Learning

At Marpool we value the contribution homework can make to every child’s education and welcome parents support. Homework can provide additional support for pupils experiencing difficulty or help meet the needs of children requiring extension, it can also be used when pupils have had their education disrupted by unavoidable absence from school.

Homework includes a variety of types of work - reading, writing, research, acquiring knowledge and applying learning. Work will be set in a variety of subjects and will relate to and complement work done in school. It should encourage good independent working habits and be useful preparation for later study and working life.




Homework includes fun and investigational activities and shows        differentiation in content, frequency and length, recognising the age and ability of the child and the different levels of support available to individual children. Work completed at home should foster active participation and sharing by parents, strengthening home/school links.


Learning at home should compliment and enhance learning at school.

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