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SEND Learning Support

At Marpool, we have two SENCos, Mrs Murphy and Mr Nelmes.


I have been involved in education, as a teacher and SENCo for over 30years. I feel lucky to be part of the Marpool community and am passionate about trying to 'get it right' for those pupils with additional needs.


I am married to a maths teacher and we have two daughters, both of whom have additional needs. I have a lot of empathy and understanding of what life is like for parents of children with additional needs. I am totally dedicated to supporting children and families in their journey at Marpool Primary School.


If you are concerned about your child please speak to the class teacher / team leader in the first instance and if necessary, they will refer on to me.

SEND Policy 2019-20 Marpool SEN report 2019-20 SEND Pathway

Key to acronyms above


ASC Pathway: Autism Spectrum Condition

BST: Behaviour Support Team

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CIT: Communication Interaction Team

CPOMS: Monitoring of child's welfare and progress

EHCP: Education, Health & Care Plan

EP: Educational Psychologist

FGC: Family Group Conference

FIT; Family Information Team

HI: Hearing Impaired

ICS: Integrated Children's Services

ICT: Intermediate Care Team

IRAP: Individual Resource Allocation Plan


OT: Occupational Therapist

PSP: Pastoral Support Programme

RA: Reading Age

SA: Spelling Age

SALT: Speech and Language Therapy

SENCo: Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SEND: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SPA: Single Point of Access

SPTO: School Pupil Tracker Online

TAC: Team Around the Child (meeting)

TAF: Team Around the Family (meeting)

VI: Visually Impaired

YISP: now known as YIT, Youth Intervention Team

YIT: Youth Intervention Team

Denise Murphy