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Larch and Sycamore

Larch and Sycamore are Year 3 classes with bags of energy and a love of learning.


We are based in the lovely new building.

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Would you like to see what children in Year 3 have been up to? Check out our photos here.  

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NEW! Which skills will my child be learning in Year 3?

Year 3 Key Skills Expectations


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KS2 Helpful Guide to Grammar Terminology





Diary: Please keep an eye on the school website for any events or notices.


Don’t forget to log into Seesaw and check out any updates there.


Encourage your child to practise their mental maths by logging into TTRS.

This week we have been…


· Discussing the text: ‘Stone Age Boy’ as both readers and writers.

· Applying the language needed to create a good setting: adjectives, adverbs, expanded noun phrases.

· Identifying the operation needed to solve problems within maths.

· Applying the different strategies and images used when we add and subtract.

· Exploring the life of Stone Age people and developing the skills they may have used such as manipulating clay and using teamwork.

· Reading: check Seesaw and e-mail messages regarding links to reading materials that you can access at home to support your child.

· Use the maths support homework on Seesaw.

· When completing daily tasks, encourage your child to sequence what is happening and maybe share explanations of particular steps (for example, if baking… what do we use to weigh out ingredients, how do we measure solids, liquids?)

· Build a ‘Stone Age’ style den…

Y3 Autumn-Block-1-Place-value Y3 Autumn-Block-2-Addition-and-subtraction

At Marpool, we are using the White Rose Maths Scheme to support us in with teaching and learning the National Curriculum for maths. You and your child might like to extend their learning at home by practising what we have been doing in class using these booklets. You do not have to print them out (unless you want to of course!) - simply look at the tasks from the screen and answer on a piece of paper. The answers are all there too!


Booklets will be added to our website as the topics are covered in class.

Den Year 3